Love: The Most Powerful Force in Business & Life

Love is the Killer App Tim SandersNine years ago today (Valentine’s Day), a book was released that has transformed thousands of people, businesses, and organizations.

The premise of the book is this:

“The most powerful force in business isn’t greed, fear or even the raw energy of unbridled competition. The most powerful force in business is Love.  It’s what will help your company grow and become stronger. It’s what will propel your career forward.”

The book, Love is the Killer App, by Tim Sanders, explains that if you want your success in life and work to last, build it on the platform of love. Treat everyone – your employees, customers, friends – like you’d (hopefully) treat your family. [Read more…]

How to Write Your Definition of Success

How to define success in your life

Last time, I shared that your level of success in life is determined by your definition of success.  If you never take the time to define what success means to you, you’ll never find fulfillment in your life. Why?  Because you can never truly reach something that is never defined.

So how do you write a definition of success?  Here are a few tips…

Write Your Definition of Success

Writing your definition of success will take time.  Don’t feel you have to get it perfect the first time.  Just write your first rough draft now.  Things can always be tweaked or re-written later. [Read more…]

Why Your Definition of Success Ultimately Determines Your Level of Success

What is your definition of success?Have you defined what success means to you?

I’ve observed that a lot of people go through life not really knowing what they want.  They’ve never taken the time to define success.

So they live frustrated, unsatisfied and unfulfilled lives.  Always wishing for what could have been. Instead of making it a reality.

In The Truth About Getting More Done, author Mark Fritz says that before you can create the life you want, or even attempt to live your dreams, you need to first define what success means to you.

Once you’ve clearly defined success, you can identify the goals that will help you achieve it, and the tasks that need to be done in order to achieve the goals that will lead you to success.

I think it is important to look at success in a balanced way.  Don’t just think about success in your work or finances – which is where most people focus their time and success energy.

Instead, identify what success looks like in all areas of your life:  your career, finances, family relationships, community involvement, personal growth and development, and health too. [Read more…]

Reboot Your Life: A Lesson from the Forbes 400 Richest People in America

“Reboot” is often a term used in association with computers – to reboot a computer is to restart it.  But recently, I’ve heard of people who are rebooting themselves or rebooting their lives, meaning that they’re starting over, or recreating themselves.

I can understand why you’d want to reboot yourself if things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped, or if you want to make some significant change in your life – like start your own business or find a new career.   But reboot yourself when you’re at the top of your game and enjoying great success?  Doesn’t seem to make sense, does it?

Last week, I bought a copy of the Forbes 400 Richest People in America. It is a special edition that Forbes has published each October for 29 years, featuring, as the title implies, profiles of the 400 richest people in America.

I’ve read the Forbes 400 since I was a teen.  My dad would buy it each year because he found it interesting to read the stories of how the rich and famous got to be, well, you know, rich and famous.  Somehow, I got interested in it myself and have been reading it each year since.  I was especially fascinated to read about the people from Michigan (my home state) who made the list.

While reading the 2010 Forbes 400, I was particularly interested in an article entitled, A Select Breed:  The Rebooted Rich.  It describes how a few notable entrepreneurs, having found great success in their lives, refused to rest on the laurels of that success, but went on to reboot themselves and create new levels of success – sometimes in the field that first brought them success, but many times in brand new fields. [Read more…]

John Wooden Quotes: Wisdom for Life

Basketball coaching legend John Wooden died a few weeks ago at the age of 99.

He was well-known for his love of the game, his love for his players, and the wisdom he used to inspire his teams to greatness – not just on the basketball court, but in their personal lives as well.

Much of that wisdom was captured in several books he had written or co-written, including A Game Plan for Life (2009), Coach Wooden’s Leadership Game Plan for Success: 12 Lessons for Extraordinary Performance and Personal Excellence (2009), The Essential Wooden (2006) and My Personal Best (2004).

When he died, I searched my collection of hundreds of success quotes, and found that I had collected [Read more…]

How to Do the “Right” Things that Lead to Success

In my last post, Why busyness doesn’t equal productivity or success, I shared my observation that not everything I can do will lead to productivity or success.

I’ve discovered that being busy is not an indication that I’m productive or successful in my life or work, and that success isn’t about doing enough things…it’s about doing the right things.

So how can we be sure we’re focusing on the right things that will ultimately lead to success in our life and work?

In The Truth About Getting More Done, author Mark Fritz explains… [Read more…]