Love: The Most Powerful Force in Business & Life

Love is the Killer App Tim SandersNine years ago today (Valentine’s Day), a book was released that has transformed thousands of people, businesses, and organizations.

The premise of the book is this:

“The most powerful force in business isn’t greed, fear or even the raw energy of unbridled competition. The most powerful force in business is Love.  It’s what will help your company grow and become stronger. It’s what will propel your career forward.”

The book, Love is the Killer App, by Tim Sanders, explains that if you want your success in life and work to last, build it on the platform of love. Treat everyone – your employees, customers, friends – like you’d (hopefully) treat your family.

Why?  Because love is the one thing you give away that keeps coming back to you. When we show love to others, they reciprocate and give back love.  Sanders explains that it’s how we’re built as human beings.

Yes, sadly, there are situations where some people hurt others through greed, evil or deception, instead of reciprocating the love they’ve received, out of fear or suffering. But those cases are rare and we shouldn’t live our lives thinking that people will respond this way.

How do we love people at work?  Sanders says we show love by sharing our intangibles: our knowledge, network and compassion.

This week, look for a way to “share the love” with one or two people you work with (a customer, co-worker, employee, etc.) who need something you have.  Ask yourself:

  1. What knowledge do I have that I can share with them that would make a real difference in their life?
  2. Who do I know that I can connect them with who can help them move forward in achieving one of their dreams or goals?
  3. What can I do to show them that someone cares?

In the book Sanders paraphrases Dale Carnegie in saying, “You’ll accomplish more in the next two months by developing a sincere interest in two people than you’ll ever hope to accomplish in two years trying to get two people interested in you.”

In other words, the love that goes around, comes around.  Let’s see if it holds true in your life.

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