How to Do the “Right” Things that Lead to Success

In my last post, Why busyness doesn’t equal productivity or success, I shared my observation that not everything I can do will lead to productivity or success.

I’ve discovered that being busy is not an indication that I’m productive or successful in my life or work, and that success isn’t about doing enough things…it’s about doing the right things.

So how can we be sure we’re focusing on the right things that will ultimately lead to success in our life and work?

In The Truth About Getting More Done, author Mark Fritz explains…

To be truly successful and make sure you are getting things done and the right things done, it is important to invest the time in thinking through exactly what success means to you.

Defining what success means to you can help bring your life more meaning and help you channel all your energy into getting the right things done.

Two key factors define your success

Fritz explains there are two key factors that define your success:

  1. Your passion – “Those who have built their life around their passion always get more accomplished and achieve greater success than those who don’t.”
  2. Your potential – “The truly successful people always define success based on the full potential that is inside them.”

The point here is that success requires intentionality – it doesn’t happen by default.  We cannot achieve something that isn’t defined.

If you want to achieve success, you need to first define it by thinking around your passion and potential, and defining the things that are most important to you, and design it by creating the life and lifestyle that will make it happen.

Fritz offers some questions to help you get started in brainstorming your passion and potential:


  • …does the word success mean to me?
  • …am I really passionate about?
  • …gives me energy when I am doing it versus taking my energy?
  • …have I always dreamed about accomplishing but haven’t really thought about how to do?
  • …potential do I see inside of me and what have others told me about my potential?

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