The Secret to Success

Secret to successAre you still searching for that “one thing” that will guarantee your success?

Seems like just about everyone is searching for the “one thing.” I’ve been there myself, too. Thinking that if I just bought this one product, then my problems would be solved.  Or if I attended this one certain event or conference, then I’ll have what it takes to be a success. Or if I took this one step or action then all my dreams will fall into place.

But it doesn’t work. At least, it hasn’t worked yet for me. And why not?

In his book entitled, Be All You Can Be, best-selling author Dr. John Maxwell explains that it’s because “we tend to overestimate events and underestimate process.”

In other words, we often put too much stock in attending that one-time amazing event, buying that one perfect product, or taking that one magical step, and not enough focus on the follow-through for what we already know we need to do, or the things we learn at those events and need to put into practice to bring our dream into reality.

The Real Secret to Success

Maxwell explains that the real “secret to your success can be found in your daily agenda. If you make it your discipline to do a little bit of growing every day, in just a few years you will be amazed by your transformation.

It’s not one thing.  It’s a hundred or a thousand things. Step by step. Day by day. Month by month. That will bring you success.

So the next time you find yourself wondering if there’s one more thing you need in order to be successful, take a look at your calendar and see if you’ve scheduled and completed the things you already know you need to do.

If not, that’s a great place to start.

Actually, let me suggest one more place to begin:  Start first by creating a clear picture of success, and a detailed definition of what success looks like to you.

Why?  Because your level of success ultimately depends on your definition of success.

Have you defined what success looks like to you?

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  1. Excellent article written on success in life. According to me, becoming successful is not an easy task for many people in this world. But it can be easy, if you know what is the actual meaning of success. Successful life means that you are fully satisfied with whatever you have in your life. That is real success of life.

    How to become successful in your life easily.

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