What Life Changes Do You Need to Make to Survive and Thrive?

life changesThis morning, over breakfast with my three boys, I was reminded about the life changes that are needed in order for us to not just survive, but thrive, in a rapidly changing world.

Most Tuesday mornings, I take my sons ages 11, 13 and 15 out to the health club for some physical activity (we usually play basketball), then we go out for breakfast.

I always buy a copy of USA Today, and we each take a section of the newspaper and find an interesting story or two that we’d like to discuss together.

Today I read from the front section of the paper, and the story that caught my attention wasn’t actually a news story but an advertisement for Wells Fargo celebrating 160 years of business.

It was on March 18, 1852 that Henry Wells and William G. Fargo created Wells, Fargo & Company. The new company offered banking and express services to Gold Rush pioneers in the great American west – all the way to California. According to Wells Fargo History “Well and Fargo saw opportunity, followed their dream, and left a strong heritage.”

The company is perhaps most famous for its iconic stage coaches which carried people, money and goods from ocean to ocean from 1852 to 1918. While the success of the company was built upon the stagecoach, Wells Fargo hasn’t used them for nearly 100 years.

And why not?

Because times changed and Wells Fargo needed to change too in order to survive and thrive.

Life Changes

The same thing happens in our lives, though we’re sometimes slow to see that life changes are needed in order to survive, let alone thrive, in today’s world.  I’m reminded of a quote that goes something like this:

“The actions and habits that brought you to where you are today may not be the ones that will take you where you want to go tomorrow.”

In other words, whether we want to just keep up where we are or step up to new levels of success in life, we’ll need to learn how to change and adapt through continuous personal growth and development and learning new skills.

Otherwise we may be left behind shaking our heads wondering what happened and how we got left behind.

One life change I’m working on is to become more focused in working toward achieving my goals and dreams. To help me become more focused, I’m cutting through clutter and eliminating distractions so I can invest more time and energy on those goals and dreams.

What life changes have you been thinking about recently?

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