Three Words for Greater Focus & Clarity

Focus, clarity, work life balanceJust three words can bring you greater clarity, focus, and work-life balance…

The first quarter of 2011 is in the books!  January, February and March are history. Did you accomplish all you had hoped for in the first three months of 2011?

If so…Congratulations!!!

If not…What will make the difference for you over the next three quarters, or just in this next quarter for April, May and June?  What will help you stay focused in achieving your goals and dreams?

Here’s a tip I learned from Chris Brogan on how to bring clarity and focus to the next season of life and work:

Identify three words that will be the guiding pillars for what you will focus on for the next three months….three words that will guide all your actions and efforts.

Three Words to Guide Your Life this Quarter and this Week

Here’s how to bring greater clarity, focus and balance to your life this quarter and this week:

  1. Think of three words to guide your life for the next three months. I prefer to break it down a bit more and pick three words for my personal life and three different words for my career/work, but you can do it however you’d like.
  2. Take ten minutes to write down the first things that come to your mind for each word…whatever reasons, thoughts, feelings, or actions come up.  You might even use a mind map to lay it all out visually.  I’m a visual learner and really love creating Mindmeister mind maps!
  3. Pick three things, from all that you’ve just written down, that you absolutely must focus on this week, and block time on your calendar to do them.

I think this is a pretty simple way to bring greater clarity, focus, balance and action to your life over the next three months – and even this week.  What do you think?

In my next post, I’ll share the “secret sauce” that will skyrocket your chance for success no matter what your goals are.

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