Use Career Notify and Facebook to Find Your Next Job

Use Facebook to find job Career NotifyIf you’re in the market for a new job or career, you probably know that one of the most effective ways to find your next position is to tap into your social network.

Asking friends and acquaintances for referrals and recommendations is one of the best ways I’ve landed new positions over the years.

In fact, I’ve had a couple of jobs that weren’t even advertised to the public, thanks to my friends’ insider connections.

But what if the job you want is the job one of your friends currently has?  Career Notify can help!

Career Notify is an app that links with Facebook and allows you to anonymously track the career movements of your friends, sending you an email notification whenever your Facebook friends or contacts accept new jobs, are promoted, or resign their positions.

Career Notify can also be used by job recruiters and headhunters to track high-value job candidates and keep up-to-date about their careers and interests.

And of course, you can use Career Notify for nothing more than to send a contratulatory note to your friends when they get a new job or a promotion.  They’ll be amazed at how you knew so fast.  But it’ll be our little secret. Really. 😉

How else are you using Facebook or other social media methods to find your next job?

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  1. >>> They’ll be amazed at how you knew so fast. But it’ll be our little secret. Really.

    But wait a minute.. don’t the friends need to agree to the terms of the Career Notify program first? Or does it somehow track people’s information without them entering into the app?


    • Life Compass says

      Hey Freddy, thanks for your comment. Nope, none of your friends need to sign up for Career Notify or add it as an app in their Facebook.

      You need to add it to your Facebook, and then you select the friends you want to track. Then Career Notify simply follows those friends’ feeds for any career-related changes.

  2. What an interesting tool. It gives you not only ideas of new career opportunities but also a hint of the location where additional jobs may also be available.


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