5 Life Lessons Learned from Monopoly

Personal Growth LessonsTim over at Faith and Finance recently shared 5 Business Lessons Learned from Monopoly.  It didn’t take me long to realize that these lessons he’s identified from Monopoly aren’t just for business, but personal growth lessons for life too.  Here they are, with my “personal growth” take on them.

5 Life Lessons Learned from Monopoly

  1. You’ll never win if you don’t invest – Nothing happens until something moves.  If you want to see things happen in your life – if you want to achieve your worthwhile goals and dreams – you have to make a move, you have to take action.  Don’t just create a personal growth or lifestyle design plan, put your plan to work one step at a time.
  2. No such thing as free parking – Everything in life is a choice and has a cost associated with it.  A choice to do or buy one thing is a choice to not do or buy something else. Using debt to do or buy things we can’t pay for now often ends up increasing the costs by the time they’re paid off down the road.
  3. Community Chest:  Be ready to pay – Life is full of surprises.  It is important to have margin in our lives so we can deal with the surprises that come up. And of course, it is vital to have savings to cover those surprises that cost money.
  4. When life deals you Baltic Ave…Build a hotel – Baltic Ave. is one of the lower-valued properties in Monopoly and as such, isn’t a desirable investment for some. But, you’ve got to start somewhere, so if you land on Baltic, build a hotel and make something work to your advantage.  In life, some people don’t get started on their goals or dreams in life because they know they can’t achieve them all at once.  So instead of just getting started and taking whatever steps they can take, they do nothing.  Wherever you’re at, and whatever resources you have, you can get started right now to begin to realize your goals and dreams. Take that first step today toward maximizing your full potential tomorrow.

That’s my take on 5 life lessons learned from Monopoly. What other personal growth life lessons can be learned from the game of Monopoly?

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