Your Habits: Friend or Foe?

One of my mentors gave me this many years ago.  I don’t know who authored it, but it speaks to how powerful our habits are to shape us for better or worse.

Who Am I?

You may know me, I’m your constant companion. I’m your greatest helper, I’m your heaviest burden.  I’ll push you onward or drag you down to failure.  I’m at your command.

Half the tasks you do, you might as well turn over to me.  I’ll be able to do them real quickly.  I’ll do them the same every time, if that’s what you want.  I’m easily managed, all you must do is be firm with me.  Show me exactly how you want it done.  After a few lessons, I’ll do it for you automatically.

I’m the servant of all great men and women, and of course, a servant of the failures as well.  I’ve made all great men who have ever been great, I’ve made all the failures too.  I work with all the precision of a marvelous computer, and with the intelligence of a human being.

You may run me for profit, or you may run me to ruin, It’ll make no difference to me.  I’ll put the world at your feet.  But, be easy with me, I’ll destroy you.

Who Am I?  Your habits.

Some things that stand out to me:

  • Habits are our servants. We program them and then they run automatically.
  • Habits serve everyone for good or ill.
  • It takes the same amount of time to cultivate either good or bad habits.

Every time I read this, I’m reminded to think about my habits.  Which ones are helping me achieve my dreams and goals?  Which ones are keeping me from achieving them?  What changes can I make to turn a negative habit into a positive one?

What about you?  How much do you think about your habits?  And do you know which ones are helping or hurting you as you seek to achieve your dreams?

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  1. excellent post. Once we master our habits, we can take on the world!

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