Why Multi-Tasking Doesn’t Work for Me

Years ago, I prided myself at being able to multi-task, working on multiple projects or tasks at the same time, seamlessly switching back and forth between each one at the drop of a hat.

Back in the day, it sounded like something everyone was supposed to be able to do, and do well.  But lately, I find myself defining multi-tasking more like the B.C. comic above – “messing up several things at once.”

Today, I find it is much harder for me to give my full attention to more than one thing at a time, and do them equally well.  Maybe it’s because I’m older (just turned 40 a few months ago) or maybe because multi-tasking isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Now I’d rather focus more intently on one project or task for an hour or two, or even half a day, then move my focus entirely to another task.  For me, I find more energy, power and productivity in this kind of focused intensity than by switching back and forth helter-skelter throughout my day.

I’ve noticed that when I focus longer on one task or project, I’m not as easily distracted by other things.  I think I end up saving time and being more productive and creative as a result.

What about you?  Does multi-tasking work for you? Do you think successful multi-tasking has anything to do with a person’s age or personality?

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BC comic courtesy of johnhartstudios.com.

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