What Habits Keep You From Achieving Your Goals?

Are bad habits keeping you from achieving your goals?

Last week, I shared that I’m giving myself a refresher course in setting goals and achieving them, because I’ve been frustrated by the lack of progress I’ve made with some of my goals.

This week, I’ve dedicated some time for personal reflection, and have identified some habits that I think are keeping me from achieving my goals.  I’ll share one of them here:

I have too many in-boxes.

In-boxes are places where information is held until it is processed. I have a lot of info in email in-boxes and physical in-boxes that need to be dealt with.  One reason why is that I’m great at taking notes and writing down thoughts or ideas, but I’m sometimes slow to process the info and doing something about it.

So, because it takes time to process the info, I sometimes put it off.

I know I need to get back to a GTD (Getting Things Done) approach, where I bring everything into one in-box and then process it in a consistent manner. Which means I need to regularly set aside time to do that.

So, this week, I’m dedicated a couple of blocks of time to cut through the piles and deal with stuff once and for all.  I’m excited about it.  Because I know it will bring more focus and clarity to my life and work.

The key will be to stick with it, and to not let things get piled up again.

What about you?  Are there any habits that keep you from achieving your goals?

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