What Does Personal Growth Mean to You?

Recently, I’ve noticed an increasing amount of spam comments that some people, or “spambots”, have attempted to submit to my site.

Gratefully, there’s software that weeds most of that out, so you don’t see it.

But I see it, and I sometimes get a good chuckle out of it because all of these spam comments advertise “male enhancement” products.

I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out what I may have written which would lead these spammers to think that Life Compass Blog would be a good target for “male enhancement” products.

Then it finally dawned on me.  One of the topics I write about here is personal growth!

Now, I’ll agree that “male enhancement” is personal growth, but it’s not really the kind of personal growth I had in mind. If that’s the kind of growth you’re looking for, I’m glad you’re here, but I’m not sure I can help you with that!  😉

This whole situation helped me realize that the words “personal growth” can mean different things to different people.  For me, it means seeking to reach my full potential, being the best “me” that I can be, finding and fulfilling my life’s purpose, and living my dreams.  And it comes through a process of self-discovery, planning, and action.

What does personal growth mean to you?  And what’s your biggest question about the personal growth process?

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  1. Ooh, I like this idea. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if personal growth resulted in extra ‘height-ness’? Then you could instantly see which of the people you met was fully developed. Yao Ming tall? Zen Master. Tom Cruise sized? Needs more work. (heh, sorry, couldn’t help myself) You could choose to develop until you reached the desired height (but perhaps if you stopped working on personal development you’d start to shrink). Someone should invent that.

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