Update – How to Enjoy Holiday Food Without the Weight Gain

A few weeks ago, I shared my ideas on how I planned to enjoy holiday food without the weight gain this year. I mentioned that in the past I have frequently gained a few pounds during the holidays due to all the special meals, desserts, parties, etc.

Well, yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in America, the unofficial start of the Christmas eating (and shopping) season. Here’s an update on how I’m doing so far . . .

Earlier in the week I prepared myself by making trade-offs in my diet by eating less (and better) food during regular meals.  Knowing this might not be enough to counter-act the extra calories I’d be eating during Thanksgiving weekend, I also increased the frequency and intensity of my exercise routines, with the hopes of speeding up my metabolism. I typically work out at the YMCA in the mornings, but this week I’ve added additional workouts at home in the evenings, using the Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred DVD (Jillian is one of the trainers on the hit TV show The Biggest Loser).

As for the big Thanksgiving meal itself, I filled my plate with a small serving of each of the items I cared about.  Gratefully, I didn’t pig-out or stuff myself. And for dessert, I enjoyed smaller slivers of each pie, instead of having larger pieces.

So that’s how I’m doing so far.  There are still lots of holiday meals and events coming up, but I’m planning on continuing my extra exercise routines throughout the holidays.

How’d you do?

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