Top 10 Happiest Holiday Retailers

CareerBliss made a list (and checked it twice) of the Top 10 Happiest Holiday Retailers for 2010.  Costco tops the list.

The report is based on almost 100,000 independent company reviews submitted by visitors to to evaluate levels of current and past employee happiness in the following categories:  growth opportunity, compensation, benefits, work-life balance, career advancement, senior management, job security, and whether the employee would recommend their company to others.

2010 Ten Happiest Holiday Retail Employers

Retailer Happiness Rating*
Costco 3.84
Nordstrom 3.76
Old Navy 3.48
Best Buy 3.40
Lowe’s Home Improvement 3.35
The Home Depot 3.29
Sam’s Club 3.27
Target 3.27
Victoria’s Secret 3.24
PetSmart 3.17

According to the CareerBliss report, a key driver of employee happiness is compensation, but it is not the only factor that drives job satisfaction levels.

Retailer Average Salary
Costco $52,500
Nordstrom $34,000
Old Navy $31,667
Best Buy $32,927
Lowe’s Home Improvement $41,667
The Home Depot $45,369
Sam’s Club $27,002
Target $49,364
Victoria’s Secret $41,000
PetSmart $22,300

Rick Wainschel, Vice President of CareerBliss says “It’s true that Costco employees receive higher pay than those at other retailers, which contributes to their overall happiness.  Those who work at Old Navy, however, are generally happier than those at Victoria’s Secret despite making an average of ten thousand dollars a year less.  Our data indicates that factors such as benefits, career advancement, and work-life balance can often overcome monetary considerations, as is the case in this example.”

Happy employees can have a positive effect on a company’s bottom line says Bradley Brummel, PhD, a Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at The University of Tulsa and a member of the CareerBliss advisory board. “Research shows a direct correlation between happy employees and better customer service. Customer service is a key driver for consumer purchasing, and with the holidays around the corner, retailers need every sale they can get,” says Brummel.

Rick Wainschel of CareerBliss says, “The Happiest Holiday Retailer list gives both consumers and retailers a clear picture of what impacts employee happiness. It is information many consumers should consider as they make their own lists this holiday season.”

Will this information make a difference for where you’ll shop this holiday season?  Why or why not?

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  1. It is all large companies with large stores offering products that are needed for an acceptable price. People who shop there appreciate their shopping experience. I think this is also important that employees are happy.

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