The Value of Time

Value of timeHow you think about time can make a huge difference in how you value time, use it, and in what you can accomplish with it.

I recently read some interesting quotes on time by authors unknown:

“Time wasted is existence, time used is life.”

“Money lost can be replaced but time lost is gone forever.”

“Why kill time when one can employ it?”

Some personal observations I’ve made about time from these quotes:

1. Time is a gift
2. Time is valuable
3. Time is scarce – a limited commodity
4. I decide how to spend or invest it
5. If not invested wisely, it will seep away
6. Time is opportunity
7. Time is neutral – it doesn’t care who possesses it

I don’t know about you, but I have to make a plan every day for how I’m going to invest my time. If I don’t, time quickly flies away and, when the day is done, I have nothing to show for it.

Have you made a plan for how you’re going to invest your time this week? Have you prioritized the most important things that you know need to get done? If not, why not do it now while you still have the…time?

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