The Weekly Review: What is Expected Must be Inspected

It is incredibly easy for me to get off track.  I can begin a task, project, or effort with the best of intentions…but if I don’t make a plan, and set aside time to review my progress, I fail.

My wife and I have realized this in our marriage.  Yes, we have times throughout the week when we talk and dream and discuss stuff.  But if we don’t set aside a specific time to review specific things like our finances, our kids, our relationship…then we get off track, or fall into a rut.

I know this is true in my work.  I can set goals and objectives, but if I don’t plan a time to track my progress and see if I’m doing what I said I was going to do, I get distracted by other things.  They’re good things, maybe even needed things.  But they’re just not the things I MUST do to make the progress I said I wanted to make.

Actually, when I think about it, this is true for every area of my life:  financial, career, family, spiritual, social, etc.

A wise person once said, “What is expected must be inspected.”  The point here is that we need to set aside a regular time to inspect or check the progress of our goals or projects.

If you want to make change in any area of life, if you want to live on purpose and achieve your dreams, then I recommend you make time for a weekly review.

Set aside at least an hour every week to review and track your progress in your life areas.  Maybe you choose a time at the beginning of the week or maybe toward the end.

For me, I do it on Friday mornings.  I like it because it is at the end of the work week…so I can review what I’ve done Monday through Thursday.  But it also gives me time later in the day to catch up or make progress on some things that I haven’t done earlier in the week.

Today is Friday.  If you’re not in the habit of doing a weekly review, why not give it a try today?  Let me know how it goes.

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