The Weekly Review: One of the Most Important Times of My Week

I hope you’re having a great Friday so far.  Mine has been a day of catch-up, after doing my weekly review. If you’re new to LifeCompassBlog, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.  So let me clue you in.

The weekly review is a time I set aside each week to review my:

  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Goals
  • Commitments
  • Project

My purpose is to ensure that I’ve accomplished what I said I wanted to do this week. And if I haven’t, I take the time right then and there to get as much of those things done as I can.

The bad news is that, with all the travel I did during the holidays, I’m a bit behind on a few things, and it’ll take me more than just a few hours today to catch up.  So, I’ve got to plan more catch-up time into my schedule for next week.

The weekly review is a technique I learned from a mentor who said, “what is expected must be inspected.”  So, Friday is my day to inspect my life to make sure I’m on track.

What do you suppose would happen if I didn’t take the time for a weekly review?  For me, I’d forget about stuff, and not think about it later until it became an emergency and I had to do something about it right now.  I don’t want to live in “emergency mode” any more.  Do you?

I happen to choose Friday for my weekly review, since it’s the end of the work week for me.  But you can choose any day you want.

Give the weekly review a try, and let me know how it goes!

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