Struggling with Self-Motivation: Why Most Days I’d Rather Sit on My…

Why is it that some days, I have a strong desire to work hard and get stuff done, while other days I’d rather slack off, and put off work until another time?

Two desires seem to continually battle it out in my mind:  the desire to be industrious and productive…and the desire to be slothful or lazy.

My 13-year old son and I talked about this recently, as we’re continuing to read through Bob Schultz’s book, Boyhood and Beyond, one chapter each week.

About this battle, Schultz says:

“Inside every man is the desire to accomplish great works.  Inside every man is the desire to lie around and do nothing.  Every day, both of these desires will draw you.  The desire you follow will determine the man you become.”

I’m probably the only one who struggles with self motivation, and staying in the zone of maximum productivity…but just in case anyone else out there does too, here are some things I’ve observed and learned:

  1. Each and every day, we have a choice.  We can choose to live with purpose and intentionality, or we can just fritter our day away.
  2. Our thoughts and beliefs shape our actions, and our actions shape the person we become. So, are we thinking the right thoughts and doing the right things to help us become the person we want to be?
  3. We can motivate ourselves to do what we know we need to do, even if we don’t feel like it.  How?  Just do it.  Take that first step.  Most times, I’ve found that something almost miraculous happens when I “just do it.” The thing I didn’t feel like doing suddenly starts feels good to do.  And then I start to feel a sense of accomplishment, and the desire to do even more.

What about you?  What helps you stay motivated?  Please share your thoughts and ideas!

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