Should We Keep Going Until We Stop?

It is tragically ironic to me that some people, while working so hard day after day and year after year to provide for their family and achieve their goals and dreams, start to lose their sense of margin and life balance in the process.

They end up hurting their relationships with – or even lose – the people they were supposedly doing it all for.

It’s a tension I am mindful of nearly every day.

Why?  Because it’s easy to work, perform and achieve.  And harder to rest, cultivate and be.

Frugal Dad & Man vs. Debt turned me on to a video by Scott Stratten which will serve as a wake-up call or dashboard warning light to anyone who, like me, struggles at times to maintain adequate margin and rest in our lives.

It runs about 15 minutes, and was recorded at the TEDx event in Oakville, Ontario, Canada last month. (I’m really beginning to love these TED and TEDx talks.)

I laughed.  I cried.  It moved me.  What about you?

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