Want to Reinvent Yourself, Your Organization or Community? Then Join Me at the Reinvention Summit!

Someone said, “If you want to change the world, learn to tell a better story.”  That’s why I’m attending the Reinvention Summit, the first virtual conference on storytelling.

When I stop and think about it, storytelling is really at the heart of just about everything I do…whether it’s my work in nonprofit world, writing this blog, or even in my personal and family life.  What about you?

Anyone – whether you’re a parent, leader, pastor, teacher, speaker, entrepreneur, salesperson, writer, or member of a team or group – who wants to truly motivate others and prompt real change in their thoughts and actions, needs to be able to tell a great story.

Don’t believe me?  Ask yourself this:

When is the last time you reinvented yourself, or made serious change in your life and work, just because you read or heard some facts, then made an intellectual decision to change?

We all know the facts of why we shouldn’t smoke, why we should exercise and eat right, why we shouldn’t do this and why we should do that.  But

What really motivates us to make real change in our thoughts and actions is a story that we can relate to, of someone who is like us who either made the change and is the better for it, or didn’t make the change and subsequently, suffered for it.

I’ve realized that just about every change I’ve made in my life has come not because I’ve assessed the facts and circumstances and made an intellectual decision.  No, I made a change because someone told a story that motivated me to take action.  It impacted me at a heart-level, where lasting change is made.

What I especially like about the Reinvention Summit is that it explores the intersections between personal reinvention, business reinvention and social reinvention, because I’m all about trying to do a better job at integrating my life, work, and the causes I care about.

The speakers come from across the realms of advertising, storytelling, social media, marketing, personal growth, social change, and more, and include John Elkington, Annette Simmons, John Gerzema, Tiffany Schlain, and others.

If you are ready to do a little reinvention in your own life and work, please join me at the Reinvention Summit!

The Reinvention Summit is a two-week virtual telesummit (November 11-22) and truly has something for everyone.  I know, two weeks is a long time.  The good news is that all the sessions are being recorded, so you can listen at your leisure.  So don’t worry if you sign up today, even after the event has started, because you’ll still be able to hear all the sessions anytime.

Whether you’re in the midst of a career transition, leading your organization through major change, or just want to do a better job at motivating yourself and others, you’ll find invaluable insights and guidance at the Reinvention Summit.

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