Pillar #6 – Set Well-Defined Goals

Welcome back to Life Compass, where I’m sharing my Ten Pillars of Lifestyle Design. So far, we’ve covered:

Now I’ll share Pillar #6 – Set Well-Defined Goals. In this step, you will set targets, or goals, for each Life Area.

First, look back over your Master Dream List, and all the other worksheets you’ve done so far, and write down any targets or goals that come to your mind re: each life area.  What are the things you’d like to do, change, or see happen?  What are the things you’ve always said you should do but haven’t done?  Write it all down- get it on paper and off your mind.

You obviously, won’t have the time, energy or resources to tackle everything on your lists all at once.  So, in this next step, refine your list by picking the top three or four targets/goals for each Life Area.

There are two ways to approach this step.  You could choose to pick the targets that will help propel you the farthest, fastest in achieving the change you want to see in that Life Area.  Or, you could pick targets that are the “lowest hanging fruit”, that is, the ones that are the easiest to achieve and cost the least in terms of time, energy and resources.

You might even choose a combination:  pick one or two that will propel you farther, and one or two that will give you some quick “wins”.  There’s no right or wrong here, just make a conscious choice of which tactic is right for you.

That’s Lifestyle Design Pillar #6 – Set Well-Defined Goals.  Next time we’ll cover Pillar #7 – Create Your Plan of Action.

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