How to Make Good Decisions

Recently, I noticed that one of my kids was having a hard time making decisions. Over the holidays, we were on a Caribbean cruise and this child had difficulty deciding what to eat at nearly every meal.

If you’ve been on a cruise before (this was our first time), you know there are plenty of options and dozens of food choices available to you at each meal. Most of the options would have been good choices for him. Some were even great choices – his favorite foods. But a few were not so great and he wouldn’t have enjoyed them at all.

When it came time to place his order, he froze. He simply couldn’t decide.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to make a decision – maybe regarding a possible career change, starting that business you’ve always wanted, or some choice regarding your finances, love life, or family – because you were afraid you’d make the wrong choice? I have.

On one hand, it makes sense because we want to ensure that we make the right choice and avoid any pain or expense that may come from the wrong choice. And let’s face it – some choices carry with them some emotion pain and financial expense.

On the other hand, we can get caught up in “the paralysis of analysis.” What that means is that we can analyze the situation so much that, in order to avoid making the wrong decision, we don’t make any decision at all.

At times, it can seem like making no decision IS the safest decision to make. In reality, playing it safe by making no decision is, in my experience, often the wrong decision, because we’re not moving forward at all or taking any action.

Over the next few posts, I’ll share some tips that have helped me improve my chances of making the best decisions possible. And, I’ll share some ideas on how to recover from, and make the most of, bad decisions.

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