How to Beat Holiday Stress and Busyness

christmas-party1Brace yourself…Christmas is coming.  It happens every year on December 25th, yet, it seemingly catches many people by surprise.  Not just the day, but the entire holiday season.

Why is this?  I think it’s because many people just let the holidays “happen” to them instead of taking the time to plan ahead.

The holiday season seems to be the busiest time of the year for many, and the busyness is the cause of a lot of stress:

  • There are parties to attend – sponsored by your employer or hosted by friends (or maybe you even host one yourself).
  • If you have children, chances are good that you’ll need to attend their holiday programs at school or church.
  • There are other special events like parades, visiting Santa, and concerts and programs.
  • And of course, there are get-togethers with family, which may involve travel and sometimes added stress if there are strained relationships.

Why is the busyness of the season a cause of added stress in our lives?  I think it is because we often add a bunch of new holiday activities to our schedule without making adjustments and trade-offs (taking other things off our schedule).

We can eliminate a lot of stress this holiday season by remembering how busy the season can get and by making adjustments to our schedule in order to fit in all the extra holiday activities.  A little proactive planning ahead of time can make a big difference!

Take a look at your calendar now, and make sure you add all the parties, programs, and special events you’ll want to attend.  Then look at all the things you already had scheduled, or you know you’ll need to get done anyway, and find a way to get them done ahead of time.

What things can you get done before Thanksgiving?  What things can you get done the first week of December, before things start to get busy?  A little planning ahead can make a big difference and help you maintain balance during the holidays.

I’ve found that another way to beat stress is to make time to remember the real reason for the Christmas season.  Also, when I attend parties, programs and get-togethers, I look at them not just as busy times on my schedule, but great opportunities to connect and share with others.

Make this Christmas season the best one yet by giving these ideas a try.  And if you have any other ideas on how to beat the busyness of holiday activities, please be sure to share them!

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