How to Balance Your Time

How do you balance your time?  Notice I didn’t ask “How do you manage your time?” or “How do you organize your time?”

We talk a lot here about how to create and maintain balance in our lives, across the seven basic life areas.  If we don’t make a conscious effort to live a balanced life, we will tend to spend too much energy in one or two life areas (for many of us, it’s our career) to the neglect of the others.

I recently read an article from Pick The Brain which shared some ideas on how to balance our use of time, across the six key types of time.  Again, if we’re not aware of how we use our time, we’ll tend to focus on certain types of time to the neglect of others.

Here are the six key types of time we need:

  • Creative and productive
  • Physically energetic and active
  • Playful and entertaining
  • Learning and developing
  • Reflective and spiritual
  • Restful and relaxing

Over the next few days, I’ll share a definition for each type of time, a report on how I’ve done at balancing my use of time across these six key types, and some strategies for how you and I can utilize each type of time in a way that leads to greater balance in our lives.

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