How to Balance Your Time – Restful and Relaxing

This is part seven of a series on How to Balance Your Time, where we’re looking at the six key types of time we all need in our lives if we are to maintain proper work-life balance:

  • Creative and productive
  • Physically energetic and active
  • Playful and entertaining
  • Learning and developing
  • Reflective and spiritual
  • Restful and relaxing

Today we’ll take a closer look at the sixth and last type of time:  restful and relaxing.

This category overlaps a bit with the third one – playful and entertaining.  The difference is that the “restful and relaxing” category knocks the energy level down another notch or two from the “playful and entertaining” category.  To rest and relax means to not just give our mind a diversion, but to give it a break.

All of us make some time for rest when we go to sleep (though not everyone gets enough sleep that they need).  But we don’t often make time for other types of rest throughout our week.  I’m not just talking about napping, though there are tremendous benefits of taking a 20-minute power nap in the mid-afternoon.  Other restful and relaxing activities include:

  • Reading
  • Meditation
  • Daydreaming (one of my personal favorites)
  • Watching TV
  • Long showers or bubble baths or massages.
  • Other quiet hobbies or activities

I’ve found it hard to make time for rest at times in my life, because it seems so “unproductive”.  And yet, I’ve realized that that’s the point!

I’m learning that I need “down time” – time just to relax and do something mindless – something that requires no thinking or decision making on my part.

One thing that has helped is that our family has decided to set aside one day each week for rest and relaxation.  What do you do to make time for rest and relaxation in your life?

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