How a Stay at a Cottage Can Change Your Life

cottageMy family (all seven of us) spent the last week at a cottage on a lake. We left the cares of the world behind and enjoyed spending every waking moment together – playing catch in the yard, going for hikes, and playing in the water. Oh, and did I mention S’mores every night, too?

I noticed that something magical happened to me after being at the cottage just a little while. My mind put aside the day-to-day stuff I had been thinking about and I began to think bigger-picture ideas.

I was reminded that my family is one of the most important values in my life. And that being outside gives me a greater sense of appreciation for the creation and Creator. I began to dream a bit more, and gained some new hopes for the future – of things I wanted to accomplish in my life and things I wanted to see happen in the lives of my five children.

If you can’t seem to find any time to dream and envision what your future life could be like, or if you try but your “dream machine” seems to be broken, a stay at a cottage may be just what you need!

Of course, you don’t have to limit it to a cottage, and you don’t have to go away for a week. You could go to a hotel, go camping, sailing, hiking or biking. But the point is that there is power in getting away from it all, if even for just a day or half a day. It can re-energize you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, bring clarity to your thinking, and might even change the course of your life.

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes. And if you have other ideas of how to keep your “dream machine” active, please share them!

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