Have a Beautiful Day

“Have a beautiful day!” the young lady said, as she handed me my large sweet tea at the McDonalds drive-thru a few minutes ago.  Not, “Have a nice day” or “Have a good day”.  But “Have a beautiful day!”

She didn’t know I was on my way to the office.  She didn’t know I didn’t feel well because I’m still fighting the flu.  She didn’t know that my heart was heavy for my friends who had just suffered the loss of a second adult child (born with a fatal disease).  She didn’t know anything about any of my circumstances.

But she wished me a “beautiful day”.

Really, it didn’t matter that she knew anything about my circumstances.  Because our circumstances don’t have to determine our attitude.  Unless we let them.  And many times, we do.

This young lady’s wish for me, that I have a beautiful day, is a beautiful reminder that you and I have the power to determine our attitude, whatever the circumstances.

And more than that, you and I have the power to make this day a beautiful day for others, through what we say and what we do.

I’m going to have a beautiful day.  And I hope you do too, dear reader!  Let’s find a way to make it beautiful for ourselves, and for someone else.  I know we’ll be glad we did!

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