The Greatest Motivation for Life Change

I think pain is the greatest motivator for life change.  

It’s stupid.  But true.

People have a hard time making change in their life because they want to.

So we wait until we have to. Sometimes, that’s too late.

Like not taking care of our health until the heart attack. Not nurturing our relationship with our spouse until they say they want to leave. Or not saving for a “rainy day” until we lose our job or the car breaks down.

I’ve fallen prey to the pain motivation more times than I care to admit.

I’d rather look at the areas of life where I could experience pain (either for myself or others) and then identify some simple steps I could take to make change in order to avoid that pain.

What if, instead of pain being the greatest motivator for life change, avoidance of pain was the greatest motivation instead?  Does it, or would it, make a difference in your life?

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