Finding Direction in Life

How do you know when you’ve really “arrived?”  That’s a question that many people ask when they want to find direction in life.

When I was younger, I’d often hear people talk about some sports star, actor, or musician who had finally “arrived.” What they meant, really, was that this person had just become rich and famous.

But is wealth and fame a good descriptor for when a person really “arrives?” I’m not so sure.

I began thinking about this recently while using my Magellan GPS on a road trip.  I travel a lot and take my GPS wherever I go.  I love that I can enter the address or location of my intended destination, and the GPS will look at all of the options and tell me the best way to get there.

And when I do reach my intended destination, the GPS announces,”You have arrived.”

I’d like to think this is the way it is with our lives.  We “arrive” when we reach our intended destination, when we’ve achieved a worthwhile goal or objective in our lives.

For some, that goal might be success or wealth. For others, their goal is to make the world a better place through their work or business, their service to others in a cause they care about, or by raising healthy and positive kids.

In one sense, I think it’s great to think we’ve “arrived” when we’ve met a goal.  But in another sense, I don’t think we ever really “arrive” at all – at least, not completely.

Because for me, it’s not enough to achieve just one goal, or to achieve some wealth or success in one area of life.  I want to achieve multiple goals, and enjoy success in all areas of life.

That’s why I love that my GPS also has an “OK” button on the display screen, under the words “You have arrived.”  The “OK” button allows me to acknowledge the fact that I’ve arrived at my intended destination, and it allows me the opportunity to enter a new destination I’d like to go to, or a new goal I want to achieve.

So how does this happen in real life?  Is there a GPS to help you find direction in life?

I think there is, and many call it a personal growth plan or personal development plan. I like to call it a personal strategic plan.

It’s a document, or series of documents really, that helps you identify your goals and dreams, clarify the ones that are most important to you right now, and make a real plan to achieve them.

It sounds simple enough.

The problem is that most people don’t take the time to really think about WHY they want to achieve their specific dreams and goals, or what will really motivate them to succeed. They don’t cement into their mind a vision of their goal that will help drive them toward its achievement.

And many people go through all the work of creating a detailed plan, but then fail to execute it.  They forget to look at it every day and every week and allow it to direct the choices they make.  They create the plan, and then let it sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Are you motivated to live the life of your dreams?  Do you want to create your own personal strategic plan to help you get there?  If so, I recommend you check out a great resource from “The Goals Guy,” Gary Ryan Blair, called Personal Strategic Plan.

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