Do You Have the 5 Key Traits of Successful Entrepeneurs?

Martin Zwilling, CEO and Founder of Startup Professionals, Inc., has coached entrepreneurs toward business success for more than 10 years.

Recently, a start-up founder told him that he didn’t think he had the personality to be an entrepreneur.  This person’s comment inspired Martin to put together a list of 5 key personality traits he’s observed in successful entrepreneurs:

  1. You enjoy being the visionary leader.
  2. Risk energizes you.
  3. Actively seek others input.
  4. Motivated yet patient.
  5. Jack of all trades.

Warning:  If you do have all these traits, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be successful.  If you don’t, it doesn’t mean you’ll be a failure.  That’s because some business models fit certain personalities better than others.

Martin suggests that if you’re a would-be entrepeneur, you should spend half as much time evaluating yourself (your personality and what makes you happy) as you do writing your business plans.  That way, you’ll be sure to create a winning business that is both fun and fulfilling.

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