Today You Do Greatness: A Parable on Success & Significance

Today You Do GreatnessThere is no shortage of books today on how to be successful in work and life.

Many of them focus on success in terms of our career and personal finances, which is understandable since most people tend to equate success – or greatness – in their career and finances with ultimate success in their life.

In Today You Do Greatness: A Parable on Success and Significance, authors Rex M. Rogers and Rick E. Amidon remind us that real success – and true greatness – goes well beyond career and money to impact every area of our lives.

In this Kindle e-book, the authors do a great job of describing what true greatness is, and why we aspire to do or achieve it.

They uncover the moral and biblical foundations of success and greatness, explaining how greatness is rooted in the life and love of Jesus Christ, impacts every area of our lives, and overflows into the lives of others.

If you want to make a difference, achieve your dreams, live to your full potential, and make the most of the talents and resources you’ve been given, I recommend you read Today You Do Greatness!

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