What Do You Do When You’re Forced to Wait for Your Dream?

What do you do when you wait to achieve your dream?

What do you do when you have to wait before you can achieve your goals or dreams?

I was almost to my destination when the red lights started flashing and the gates began to come down.  It didn’t matter how close I was, or how much of a hurry I was in.  I had to stop for a train.  And not a short train…but a long one!

For some reason, while I waited for the train to pass, my mind began to think of some times in my life when I had to wait.  Times when I was on track to achieve or accomplish a goal or dream, and then something came up and there was nothing I could do but wait.

In our instant society, no one likes to wait.  I know I don’t.  Do you?.  But there are still times when we have to wait.  There are situations beyond our control – like a natural disaster or economic downturn.  There are people who could slow us down – like our clients, spouse or boss.  There are personal things that could slow or stop us – like our health or finances.

What do you do when you’re forced to wait before you can realize your dreams? Here are some tips I’ve discovered that have really helped me while I have waited on a dream:

  1. Take stock of your life – make sure you’re focusing on the right things. There have been times when the “waiting room” helped me to realize that the thing I was waiting for wasn’t really the thing I should be pursuing.  So the wait was really a blessing which kept me from further trouble.
  2. Look for things you need to learn or change. There have been times when my attitude has had to change.  Other times I’ve had to learn to watch what I say (I have a gift for sarcasm, which doesn’t help in many situations).  And always, I’ve had to learn to be a good listener – to really understand what others are trying to say.  I’ve discovered that in every situation when I’ve been forced to wait, there was something that I could learn about myself.
  3. Think in Steps. Break the big goal, dream or project into smaller tasks.  Is there a way to take one step forward now  instead of waiting to do it all at once?  If it is your dream job that you’re waiting on, what steps can you take toward your dream job now?
  4. Identify people who can help you. Maybe it’s time you hired a coach or found a mentor who can guide you through this process – someone who has “been there and done that” and can help you achieve your dream.  Or maybe you need to ask a friend to hold you accountable for changes you need to make or steps you need to take.  I’ve been blessed to have several mentors who have helped to equip me on my journey toward success.

What have you found helpful when you’ve had to wait?  What things would you add to this list of tips?  Please share your comments and ideas below.

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