The Power of A Sense of Urgency

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The Power of a Sense of Urgency

Urgency – How do we keep it and harness it’s power to make change in our lives?  That’s the topic for today’s Monday Motivator from Life Compass Blog.

But first…if you live in the U.S. as I do, I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

I hate to admit it, but I’ve gotten a bit lazy lately.  No, I’m not talking about exercise, but about a few goals I’ve had, but haven’t really focused any energy or attention on for a while.

Back when these goals and desires first came into my mind, I had great passion and a drive to accomplish them.  But over time, I lost that “lovin’ feeling.”  What was once a big interest – something I just had to do – is now just a passing thought.

What happened?

I lost my sense of urgency.

“Without a sense of urgency,” Jim Rohn said,  “desire loses its value.”

His point is that when we have a passion for something and see an opportunity to accomplish it, we’ve got to take action, and take advantage of the opportunity immediately while time, passion, opportunity and energy are all on our side.

If we don’t take action right away, our sense of urgency, passion and opportunity all slip away.  And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So, how do we keep a sense of urgency about us, and harness its power to make change in our lives?  I think there are seven keys:

  1. First, clarify the goal – write it out in detail.
  2. Next, identify your motivation – why is it that you want to achieve it?
  3. Visualize yourself as having achieved it – paint a picture in your mind.
  4. Make a plan – identify a step-by-step process for achieving your goal.
  5. Schedule time every day or week to work on your goal by working your plan.
  6. Track and review your progress on a weekly basis.
  7. Ask others to encourage you and hold you accountable.

Whatever you do, don’t wait.  Procrastination is a dream killer.

If you have a vision, and the opportunity to do something, do it before you lose the chance. Take that first step today! As Grandma and Grandpa used to say:  “Strike while the iron is hot,” and “Make hay when the sun shines.”

If you’re frustrated by the lack of success in achieving your goals and dreams, check out The Simple Guide to Goals today.

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