Speed Up Life Change by Speeding Up Your Listening

Yesterday, I shared some ideas on “How to Become an Expert on Any Topic,” including:

  1. Read one book on the topic each month.
  2. Study the topic for half an hour a day.
  3. Listen to podcasts on the topic each week.
  4. Get hands-on training by volunteering.

Today I want to share a quick tip (literally) I recently discovered on how to speed up your life change process by speeding up your audio learning.

Many iPods and MP3 players allow you to speed-up the playback of the song or podcast you’re listening to.  My iPhone 3GS lets me to listen at twice the normal speed.  It also allows me to listen at half the speed.

Over the last two months, I’ve listened to several podcasts on double-speed.  So far, I think it has worked well.  While the voices do sound a little weird at first, I’ve gotten used to it, and am really enjoying the speedier way to learn.  I feel like I’m learning more information in half the time, and am still able to retain what I’ve heard.

Of course, as I’ve said before on this site, successful life change doesn’t happen just by gaining the right information.  We must take action by applying what we’ve learned.

Give this quick tip a try and let me know how it goes for you.

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