Life Change Goal – Live to Full Spiritual Potential

On Sundays I write on Spirituality, Faith and Ethics.  Here’s why.

Ten years ago, when I first began using my Master Dream List, I had all kinds of goals for weight loss, income, family, career, etc.  But I didn’t really have anything written in terms of a spiritual goal.

Then one of my mentors suggested I write out a simple goal that says…

I will live to my full spiritual potential and help others do the same.

Over time, I’ve discovered that one of the best ways to make progress on this goal is to ask myself, every month or so, this question:

What three changes in my life would most please God right now?

It’s an interesting question because the answer is based both on my perception of who I am and how I’m doing, and who God is and what He expects of me.

If you have a desire to grow spiritually, you might want to ask yourself this question too.

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