How Has the Economic Crisis Changed You?

On Sunday, Parade Magazine feautured an article entitlted, “How the Economic Crisis Changed Us.” Authors Michael J. Berlen and Douglas E. Schoen surveyed 1027 respondents back in July, and then published the results of their findings in this article.

They received a lot of interesting insights into how Americans have been affected, and are coping, with the economic downturn we’re in.  Here are some of the highlights that stood out to me:

  • 79% say they’ve felt the impact of the financial downturn
  • 33% say the turmoil has had a big impact on their lives
  • 80% say they are “forced to do more with less”
  • 73% had to make some unexpected changes
  • 27% have had to pursue extra work
  • 68% say “creating a meaningful life” and “giving back” have become important to them
  • 83% are reconsidering what they really need in life
  • 43% are devoting more time to learning new skills
  • 30% are volunteering more for a charity or cause
  • 43% are exercising more
  • 52% are forming stronger bonds with spouses

It seems that in times of uncertainty, people are more apt to make change in their lives.  They want to “shore up” things they know need to be addressed or worked on.  They want to gain new skills and become more valuable at work.  They want to give back and help others.  And they want to improve relationships with the people that matter the most.

How has the current economic crisis changed you?  Can you relate to this list?  Is there something that you’d add?

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