Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

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  1. shinsou says:

    “The day you believe you have reach your fullest potential is the day you haven’t. Because you still have today” Nick Vujicic

  2. Keith – I’ll tone down the Lincoln connection after his biradhty celebration (President’s Day) later this month. I’ve been proud of Obama during the first 18 days of his presidency. He seems to be so much more engaged than GW Bush ever was…Marci – I agree that he is not a messiah. However, he is our next-best hope for getting our nation out of its current doldrums. I hope he is able to make changes in the culture of Washington DC over the coming weeks and months. It will be hard to do with the entrenched special interests…

  3. Oi Lucina, Só para tirar uma dúvida, haverá algum horário estabelecido ou período pra fazermos o forum? Como não costumo fazer cursos online não sei como proceder nesse caso. obrigada e bjs


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